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firefox and accessability

Well I got my new monitor and I'll have to live with it....

the pictures did not show what a real rectangle this thing is, the monitor viewing area is 23.5 inches wide by 13.5 inches tall, 27 inches diagonally

the regular white background was blinding me (sorry for pun)

the windows access ability did ok on increasing the visibility of window sliders, the icons and font size on the desktop


surfing the internet using the black backgrounds I could not see the links that dark blue didn't have enough contrast for me

I use and recommend Firefox anyway just for the built in password manager and better security over IE, but they have a lot of add-ons and

anycolor works great I use the total black which has a white font (instead of the greenish or gold font of accessability wizard) but still that dark blue unvisited link color!

But going to tools-> fonts-> colors_> changing unvisited links to teal, and visited links to gold, AND default font size to 18.....

I can see:) maybe I can keep this monitor after all, now to fix my dell printer that just stopped communicating to pc after opening a new black and color cartridge (almost $100 w/shipping)

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