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First Social network for visually impaired

My name is Michael from, I-MerSee is the first social media network specifically designed for the visually impaired and aging communities.
I-MerSee is a stand-alone social platform that offers users access to events and information of interest to them, as well as allows them to engage with family and friends on popular social media sites, such as Facebook
There is no other social media network available today that is specifically designed for the visually impaired and aging communities.
Currently, visually impaired and senior individuals need to purchase expensive assistive technology software (such as Microsoft JAWS) or expensive add-on products such as Screen Readers and Screen Magnifiers.
We’re working aggressively on new technologies that will make I-MerSee accessible and fully functionally for the legally blind by the end of the year.
I-MerSee is completely FREE and integrates Screen Magnification, Text-To-Speech and Speech-To-Text to give users the seamless use and easy navigation of social media.
Please feel free to contact me with any question, or if you would like to meet so that I can show you the function of the site.
Here is a small video about people who using

Michael Ibghi

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Re: First Social network for visually impaired

Please forgive me, but there are many other social networks out there for the blind. WeThePeople comes to mind. ZoneBBS is another. BlindCafe is yet a third. JAWS is not put out by Microsoft and there are free screenreaders such as NVDA. There are other sites that have integrated text-to-speech into their sites, and usually those types of things aren't all that successful as it draws lots of resources, someone is required to have a pretty good internet connection, they have to have certain internet technologies enabled, and if they are navigating to the site with a screenreader, they would have to turn that off and then turn it on later. Why recreate what already works?

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