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Expanding possibilities for people with vision loss to contact websites that offend in accessibility.

This came to me in a Google Alert for Assisstive Technology and I took a look. They start off much like Helen with a toolbar, but they have three ways of reporting, and they plan on using volunteers to take the problems to the website owners. It is in Beta now and invites criticism.
Looks good to me. I could use their help. My beefs have to do with sites and emails that disable my accessibility setting. ===gm===

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Re: to contact websites that offend in accessibility.

I registered on about a year ago and it is a good service. I actually reported the website of a local taxicab company for being very inaccessible. As somebody who has just gotten his feet wet regarding these accessibility laws, I totally agree with them. I believe this month's issue of Accessworld contains an article on this very subject written by an AFB staffer. I have yet to read it though in its entirety. to contact websites that offend in accessibility. has my repect; there are real people behind it who answered my questions. They designed it for websites, but will deal with emails too.
There are several ways to report and they keep score of what has happened. Here it is the current count:
93 Reporters, 256 Volunteers,
297 Websites reported, 536 Tweets,
141 Reports in progress, 31 Owners informed,
26 Owners acknowledged, 15 Owners fixed site.
The reports don't just sit there, they have volunteers to push the site owners. On the other hand the reports are not publicized as on Helen.

I asked about the emails I get and they said to send them so I forward the offenders to saying what the difficulty is, like disabling my accessibility settings for a fat font. I sent my first only a couple of days ago.

I have hopes. It looks good, even in Beta. ===gm=== to contact websites that offend in accessibility.

I am not asking for their help; I am saying "If you can't help, at least get out of the way and let me use my accessibility adjustments".

Accessibility on the Internet is now becoming the law of the land. My telling them how they offend (and how tokeep from offending) doesn't just help me, it helps others with low vision.
===gm=== to contact websites that offend in accessibility.

This sounds like what Bobby was when it stared over a decade ago...

I've learned to navigate the web using my screen resolution and built in functions of my browser, and just leaning in closer....

GM, I have noticed a trend in your posts "I'm disabled and YOU must fix this for me" which is fine although a little unrealistic perhaps ... I go with a "I'm disabled, and I fixed it MYSELF" attitude I never try to beholden to someone else even to the point that I can't/don't ask friends for favors....

I can't expect my local city to have talking street light signals, or even the raised orange bumpy surfaces at every street crossing, as this takes capital which the city needs to maintain the safety forces

I realize more after seeing the movie the social network how much money is involved on the internet, that a site that pretty much just promotes gossiping, and flirting has a worth of 25 billion dollars is astounding, yet why should these sites be FORCED to cater to such a small percentage of their visitors?

Why should they disrupt their web pages and switch to a large 18+ point font just to cater to us? All they want is page hits and and revenue and putting less on a page (because of larger fonts) doesn't help them...

If a website WANTS to help, that is fine but to chide or bully a site into changing their look is just a notch below censorship to me.... to contact websites that offend in accessibility.

Fixtheweb says: Fix the Web is an innovative project to crowd-source e-accessibility. It is led by Citizens Online and funded by Nominet Trust, with support from partners such as Nominet Trust, AbilityNet and

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