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Focus 14 and iPhone

Hello, all. I am just working on mastering a variety of apps using my Focus 14 and the iPhone 5s. I do not do well using the swipes and gestures, and depend almost exclusively on the Focus 14 keyboard.

I downloaded the Amazon app, but found that when I wanted to go to the top of the screen, hitting the L chord did not appear to be sufficient, because my sighted friend was telling me that there was yet more material above that. Likewise, I found the Braille display was constantly getting stuck. Using The L chord, the 456 chord, and the rocker buttons just left me stuck. Do you have any suggestions? Has anyone created a tutorial or guide for using the Focus 14 with the Amazon app, as well as other common ones?

I also had a problem with Kindle app on the iPhone. I found it impossible to use the book browser: I'd hit the mode button to get into the search field and type the name of the book. But the phone wasn't searching at all. A sighted friend this summer failed to get the book browser function to work.

I do a lot of traveling, and would like to know about how to navigate common travel apps with the Focus 14. Among the airline apps I'd like to use are: American Airlines, UsAir, United, Delta, Air Canada, and then there would be Expedia, and one that my travel agent uses called Mytripandmore. Are there easy ways of getting into an app using the Focus 14 and seamlessly finding gate information?

I would welcome any and all suggestions. Thanks for helping me, a clueless novice.



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