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free browsers for the visually impaired

Just saw this via a Google Alert for assisstive tech:
I think there were about six.
Low Browse was not there. It is from

I don't recall browsere for Low Vision being discussed here.
Anybody use one?


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Re:free browsers for the visually impaired

Hello, my name is Nathan, and I have a pleasure of experimenting with a wide variety of technology that is utilized for the visually impaired. As far as Internet browsers are concerned, I kind of liked one that works in conjunction with Internet Explorer, known as Web Ie, providing magnification to visually impaired users, while stripping out graphics for blind users. You can utilize this browser with any screen reader of your choosing, and it is just like reading a word document with Jaws. Unfortunately, certain features of the accessible programs package do not work such as BBC listen again, a large collection of stations run by the British broadcasting Company. Hope this assists anyone in determining modifications in browsers. You can Obtain Web IE through a google search. Oh yeah, I am totally blind since birth, so I can assure you that it functions verywell.

Re:free browsers for the visually impaired

My goodness he sounds a bit SNIPPY doesn't he, why didn't he just say he upgraded Lowbrowse in August 2009 to MAKE it compatible with the current Firefox build..??

My fancypants CNET TechTracker is supposed to tell me whenever there is an update for any program or driver on my system, AND my firefox options are set to check for add-on updates constantly.. but missed his....

but even though it is no longer used as the built in firefox options of MY chosen high contrast colors (MUCH better than the windows limited preset colors) and the 18 point font work much more seamlessly than the lowbrowse big panel across the top, it is there now if I should need it...

thanks for the update GM

Re:free browsers for the visually impaired

I sent cpies of this thred to Dr Arditi at Lighthouse and here is his reply:
VLowbrowse works with the latest release of Firefox, and has for many months now. Perhaps Mr. Hardsell would like to contact me for some free technical support? He can leave a bug report at and I will get back to him. Or he can write me at

Re:free browsers for the visually impaired

I used Lowbrowse, until it became uncompatible with the latest firefox build. I had Firefox's anycolor add on as well but it seemed to take over my screen.

Now that I have a larger screen I use my firefox's built in options and have black background, white text, teal links, and gold used link colors with the minimum font size at 18 and I dont need the low browse any longer....

plus with two clicks I can restore to default windows setting as there are several sites, and word itself where the black backgrounds "paints over" features on the page...

I hope they make lowbrowse so it will continue to work with any version of firefox...

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