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Free Cell Phones

There is a govt program to give people receiving benefits a free cell phone and (in my state, it varies) 68 free minutes a month usage

There is no contract and since the phone is a tracphone when your time is up you cannot be charged, but you could purchase more minutes if you want to)

I recently used some of my mobility training and went to my local sight center on foot, i had used google directions but got lost (BUT using the street view feature of google maps I recognized a parking lot configuration, so after an hour of panicing was on my way) having a cell phone would have been nice in that situation too!

I already receive Lifeline benefits and there might bea hitch involved in my getting a phone, but thought others here might not beaware of the program........

an overview:

The providers webpage

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Re:Free Cell Phones

i really want and need a phone!!!

Re:Free Cell Phones

Being low income and coming from a state that does not qualify is hard. I will continue to look at sights for my husband because just because we are poor should not make life harder for the visually impaired.

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