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Expanding possibilities for people with vision loss,, a low vision friendly search engine

I saw it recommended, tried it and liked it, and suggest you try it, and let's see what you think. Here is what it says about itself, as pieced together with copy and paste:
Good50 is a user-friendly search engine originally designed for those over 50, so that old people can have an easier time searching. Good50 has pre-set the search box to a larger size and gives the option to adjust to a larger font. An on-screen zoom feature lets you enlarge the view of your search result for enhanced readability
The ads are clearly marked off on the side. Sites and web pages containing adult themed and explicit content are excluded. A high contrast version for people with low vision has white letters on a black background.
Here it is:

Something is wrong right at the start, the search entry ox didn't use my choice of font as set in my IE8.
I will tell them, but I think it important that you review it here and everybody will know about it. So please try it and reply. ===gm===

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