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google and blogspot?

Hi fellow techies,
I am a fiction writer by avocation, and my blog at blogspot,
has been the best answer to communicating with others as opposed to investing in a web site. There are problems though in posting.
My text does not break up into paragraphs, once published.
I go under "edit as html" and begin to type, and put in paragraph spaces accordingly. Any way to correct this?

Also when I go into google how can I shut off the task bar, and just be on the home page and proceed from there?

I suppose a third question, related, is there any remote support service that is available to blind persons who use computers that can assist with miscellaneous issues?

Thanks in advance for the help.
My blog if you care to look is titled
grafted in and on the journey
It is faith-based thematically speaking.

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Re: google and blogspot?

i clicked on the support center link and was told tat it didn't exist.

Re: google and blogspot?

Hello web-geek,

I did not know about the email option to posting to BlogSpot, and will check out the tnt support center very soon. Thanks so much.

Re: google and blogspot?


BlogSpot has an option that allows you to post a blog via email. Have you tried looking at this?

Also, is it that you have to maximize internet explorer or whatever browser you're using every time you're opening it?

As for a remote service, is working towards that. Feel free to check out the site and to send a contact request with any questions.

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