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google mail or gmail

Hi all.
I have a google mail or gmail account and made the error to switch to standard view, instead of basic html. I am using IE7 and an older version of Jaws for Windows and there is no link to switch this back, only a separate google URL to access the basic html version. I did submit feedback to their help center suggesting reinstating the basic html link. Any other ways to resolve this on my own? Thanks for the help, somewhat urgent..

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Re:google mail or gmail

Hey there have you find out more info

Re:google mail or gmail

All that I have found is this link:

which says to go to

The problem is that there is no link to set HTML view as the default view. It appeared for me only one time, but it will not appear again; I have tried logging in from the above link multiple times. So for the time being, I just login from the link above, and it takes me into my GMasil account under teh basic HTML view.

Re:google mail or gmail

I've been trying to experiment and scour the web for over 20 minutes now, I am sighted, and I still can't find a way. Tried everything I could think of. I hope someone is able to figure it out for you soon.

Re:google mail or gmail

Hello reader. I think this will resolve the post concerning g mail or google mail. I discovered on Friday, August 5, that there is now a link aimed that those using screen readers that advises per better experience switch to basic HTML view. As one scrolls down the g mail list, this is one of the first choices after logging in to one's personal g mail so do not go to quickly or you could miss it. It seems necessary to do this choice each time one logs in to g mail, but it is nice to have this option nonetheless. Thank you.

Re:google mail or gmail

You are quite welcome. I am just sorry that I could not be of more help. I searched through all fo the GMail settings and options, and there was nothing present to set basic HTML view as default. It seems they left just that one loophole which is the instructions I posted with earlier. I just do not know why they have to make things so difficult. In any case, I am glad that I could help in some minuscule way.

Take care. Hopefully they will resolve this sooner than later.

Re:google mail or gmail

Hello RK and any reading,
I have bookmarked the URL you gave, and earlier, like you, submitted a gmail to the mail center and also posted something late last week on google feedback urging reinstatement of the basic html link. Meantime, will patiently wait to see how and if this resolves. Again much thanks!

Re:google mail or gmail

In the meantime, I would suggest bookmarking the following URL (which I gave earlier in this thread):

This link will allow you to login to GMail under the basic HTML view.

I am sorry that I cannot be of more help right now.

Re:google mail or gmail

Hello, drussell52.

I am sorry. I did not get the chance to post with as much detail as I wanted to last night.

I do not know how much vision you have, if any, so I apologize if I am not as helpful. I really need to learn JAWS someday soon, then I know I could be of more help.

In any case...I tried this last night to test it for myself, and there was a heading at the top which allowed to set basic HTML view as the default view. I tried it again after reading your post, and the link was not present on the page at all.

I have written to the GMail Help site about this, and as soon as I receive any responses I will let you know. Hopefully this issue will be resolved soon.

Take care.

Re:google mail or gmail

Hello RK, I am using the URL you sent to view my inbox, but have only noticed the "set basic HTML view" (paraphrased), to be at the bottom of the email portal, just under something that says the words, link, standard view. Formerly, the word "link" accompanied the basic HTML view. I will look again for what you suggested. Just glad that you took the time to offer some assistance. Thanks so much and be well!

Re:google mail or gmail

Here are the steps to resolve your problem. If I can be of any further help to you, please let me know.

1. Go to
2. Login to your account.
3.The first heading of the page contains a link which reads, "Set basic HTML as default view". Click this and you should be all set to go.

I hope that this helped.

Take care.

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