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Google punished me for accessibility

I'm a web developer - for years I've followed accessibility guidelines to make sure that I include default links for any web links that screen readers might miss (javascript, flash, etc). I always wrap them with the class "accessible" and use CSS to position them absolutely off screen.

One of my sites just got thrown out of the Google index for doing that.

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Re:Google punished me for accessibility

do you develope websites for the blind interested in setting up a website and havent found anyone who knows the ins and outs of building a website to the blind

Re:Google punished me for accessibility

greetings to you and sorry to hear about google punishing you for accessibility.

How is life taking you over there.

I am youth volunteer on HIV/AIDS and other STDs/Is and other health-related concerns including drugabuse.

I would like to penpal with you on webdesigning.

If you possible, you may kindly respond via: or
my cell is: +256-715-450060

Thanks alot and i await for your usual positive response.


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