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GPS and Infrared Technologies for the Blind

I have a great idea, and somebody said I should patent it. However, not only do I suspect it is already patented, but if not, I would like to place it in the public domain through this Internet post so nobody can patent it!

The idea came about after I was discussing the Prius and its silent engine that has caused many blind people to step off a curb in front of an oncoming Prius.

The thought occurred to me, "Why don't scientists develop inexpensive infrared devices, with technology used in TV remote controls, for the blind to wear on their wrists or attach in some form to their bodies or clothing, that audibly alerts them (or vibrates if they're also deaf) when anything comes within so many feet of the device? They could set it to the sensitivity level (proximity distance to their bodies).

Now if they are wearing such a device, and a car (like a silent Prius) is approaching, they will hear and/or feel the vibration of a warning alert!

Such a device would be inexpensive to mass produce, and could spawn all kinds of improvements I cannot even anticipate!

Perhaps somebody already thought of this idea; and perhaps there is a patent (or patents). If not, then I hope anyone reading this message will develop such a device, and competition improves this idea to include GPS (so that perhaps a voice or series of vibrations (for the deaf and blind)) will enhance the ability of the blind to both receive a warning (from infrared or other type of signal) and navigate their way to their destination.

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