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Gray printing an accessibility problem

How many more (%) can read 100% black than 75% black? This is a real accessibility problem and nobody seems to know the answer, even those who issue near vision test cards which include contrast perception.

I bring it up because my contrast perception is at the margin for reading periodicals and books; It is a mix of being able to read some, parts of some, and none of some according to the degree of blackness used in printing. Young designers with good eyes don't understand why their elegant grays offend me and I can't understand why they ignore my plea for black.

I need an evidence based arguement, and there is no good evidence that "Blacker is better" fron an audience size point of view

The ones that bother me are PCWorld and Bloomberg Businessweek. How about you? I complain. You should too. What else can we do about it?

===gm=== .

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Re: Gray printing an accessibility problem

It is not just books and magazines. The labels on Lean Cuizine frozen dinners is in an illegible gray.

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