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hand held cctv video magnifiers??

I've been doing research on this for almost 2 weeks now and decided to gather all my research (and learn how google docs work at same time) so made:

hand held cctv magnifiers:

and hand held cctv magnifier comparison spread sheet

these are currently more up to date than AFB's list of cctv's...

to consolidate my research I really need distance and close magnification and those units are in the 1000 to 1500 range so..

am leaning now towards a cheap close up cctv video magnifier 125 to 250 and a monocular 40 to 225

OR that eschenbach far magnifier 150 to 225 us or 50 pounds at a uk site (76 us) this seems to best value has anyone used the eschenbach mobilux far magnifier?

also made a research page for assistance:

regional, state and national assistance and help for blind

which starts with regional info (ne Ohio) but has state and national assistance and web pages of interest

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Re:hand held cctv video magnifiers??

I want to ask if anyone has used some of the newer hand held cctv video magnifiers? I need a small unit easy to travel with and best suited to the workplace. They are all a compromise of my needs. I do not have a local company for hand’s on though I have used the Ash Classic. I would like 3 capabilities – 1) Ease of writing with plenty of room for my hand, flat text on the display, and not angled display when turning the camera into writing mode; 2) Capturing text and scrolling around minimizing moving the device around the page, 3) USB computer connection to transfer my images to computer and use in my work.

After my research I am down to 3 devices: Ash Quicklook 2 – appears best for writing; GW Micro – SenseView Duo – appears best for capturing text and scrolling though it’s long at 7 inches, and the Humanware Versa+ - best for USB computer connection plus audio recording and video playback (not really professional needs). It has a writing stand to attach but I’m not sure if there’s enough room and just another thing to get lost.

The Sapphire and Amigo are too large and heavy. It’s to bad in this age of computer’s, AT manufactures cannot include a USB connection and some PDA capabilities making the devices more flexible. Thank you in advance for your feedback,

Re:hand held cctv video magnifiers?? Sapphire

I have just posted a review of Sapphie, little changed from my opinion expressed above. Not good for reading nespapers ans magazines. Too heavy. This, of course is my opinion. ===gm===

Re:hand held cctv video magnifiers??

OK gm,

Lets see the Sapphire is an 7 inch monitor 3.4x -16x magnification range with a 5.6 by 4.2 monitor size (at 5:4 aspect ratio) with a 23.52 viewing area

in that 7 inch size I was leaning towards the Olympia which had 4.3x - 26x magnification range at about $1499 (back in April/May when I did the original pages)

I updated that last link in the post above to include examples of magnified text in the 7 and 4 inch monitor size....

Re:hand held cctv video magnifiers??

I have ordered the Saphire from Freedom Scientific. Expensive $1800+ but they have promissed that it will see a two inch magazine column.

GW Micro tells me that they expect to have a new Senseview Pocket (?) due out in about a month and the lady there thinks it may do two inches.

Getting the vendors to read a ruler and see what it reads at lowest magnification is almost impossible This ought to be an industry standard measurement. ---gm===

Re:hand held cctv video magnifiers??

naw GM Todd Rundgren is a wizard (and a true star) showing age on knowing that album (thats a giveaway too:)

anyway I made another document showing all 11 sizes of cctv handheld video magnifier monitors full size using the 5:4 aspect ratio

hope that helps as well

Re:hand held cctv video magnifiers??

Hardsell your are wizzard. Thank you very much.

Best wishes, ===gm===

Re:hand held cctv video magnifiers??

oh shoot your assumption was wrong I only caught that now GM,

wherever you see the monitor size is X the X is measured diagonally from one corner to its opposite

I spent about 6 hours putting together a new spreadsheet and info page to supplement the earlier research, about the size of handheld cctv video magnifiers

there is a new spreadsheet showing how the diagonally measured monitor size and using the four most common aspect ratios will determine probable heights and widths

give it a look and see if it helps

Re:hand held cctv video magnifiers??

Great work hardsell. Nice going.

It is a lot to absorb all at once, so I'll say Thank you now and get to it later -- bit by bit.


Re:hand held cctv video magnifiers??

sorry if this is a double post response took an hour of searching

thank goodness for C&P


well, frist let me apologize for any one having trouble with my handheld cctv site...

you gets what you pays for, I always thought google was a class outfit but my continued problems with their products is aggrovating as I cant afford pay-for web hosting even though I know html javascript, a little php to code my own pages, google made it easier BUT

the internal links (the key to the organized look of page) don't work for me I have to manually hit the go to button each time

GM in the references section is a link to who makes what device:

but too answer:

Amigo home page:
contact info:

Mano home page

Eye-C home page

Infyn (when i found this cctv it was only in EU countries and pages were not in english

GM I found these cctv;s not listed on AFB's own list by searching every combination of cctv video magnifier portable handheld etc I cannot find after another 40 minutes who manufacturers the infyn so cannot provide a home page

I found this:

Company Name: Tech6
Business Type: Manufacturer
(We Sell): Video magnifier, Digital magnifier, Magnifier, digital microscope, video microscope
Address: 3b, r industrie
Brands: infyn
Company Website URL:


which may just be the name of someone reselling them the link to seems to be dead, but my high school French isnt up to the task of tranlating the error page

sounds like you need/want an electronic bar magnifier to read the width of a book and at least half a newspaper

Re:hand held cctv video magnifiers??

hardsell, I was unablee to find any info (mfr vendor, etc) about the Amiga (Amigo?), Mano, Eye-C, and Infyn. Could you help, please? Where did you lesrn about them?

Re:hand held cctv video magnifiers??

My use for a handheld would be for MMagazines and newspapers and I want to know for all of them what they see and display at lowest magnification when resting on the paper. There seems to be no industry term for thisl\; I call it seen or seeing width. I have emailed several manufacturers asking for the figure to be obtained by reading a ruler. No results so far.
I will also be asking if the seen width increases as the device is lifted and how far is needed to see a two inch column. Would like to hear from owners. is operating but needs us to go and submit suggestions. I searched for assistive Tech and got nothing. ===gm===

Re:hand held cctv video magnifiers??

Using hardsell's data and assuming that the Monitor size was width, I divided it by the minimum magnification to get the width of what it sees.
In ordrr of decreasing "seen width" in inches:
Saphire 2.1, Shoppa 2.0, Amiga 1.9, Mano 1.8, Pebble 1.8, Eye-C 1.7, Olympia 1.6, Traveller+ 1.5.
My WSJ column width is 1.7in., BW 3 cos. 2.0in., BW 2 cols. 3in.+. Books 6in. The first three above would let me scoll down a newspaper column and some magazines.
HOWEVER, we may have errors in our data. My suggestion is to read a ruler with any you can get your hands on and see what it says about the width that it sees.
I am not happy working through the forum; it is very awkward compared to working via email and I hate the font in the text entry box. AFB should use a font as good as the rest of the page. Conclusions of course, belong in the forum. This is being composed off-line. ===gm===

Re:hand held cctv video magnifiers??

My eyes have dropped below the margin and I will be needing electronic magnification, so yesterday I went to the Lighthouse International (LI) store NY and examined several of the desktop magnifiers and three small hand helds.

Before leaving I commented on the strange failure of the LI website ( describe these wonderful aids for the vision impaired. I was told that when it partnered with a commercial vendor for online sales it gave up the right to advertise.

This is awful. The store is a wonderful resource for the vision impaired. You can sit down at these devices and see how they work in doing different kinds of reading and which are best for your eyes. Forbidding LI to tell about them is not in the interest of the vision impaired that the Lighthouse was founded to serve and thus not in the public interest. It might even be contrary to the LH charter. Legalities aside, it not ethical to conceal this wonderful resource.

I have been to the website with which they have partnered (whatever that means) and found it very disappointing, from my point of view it is a poor trade. I don’t know what LH gets from it.

That agreement should be modified to allow LI to tell what it’s store offers. Hands-on trial beats online any day.


Re:hand held cctv video magnifiers??

Well I bought the eschenbach mobilux far and can review and recommend it and while at the local sight center got to play with an opal, and wasn't impressed

I will post at that site, and put that site on both my low vision pages which are getting hits:) got a little "well done" from a local vision specialist

to the best of my knowledge only 4 cctv video have far capabilities and 3 use freeze frames or image captures, not really what you want trying to see street sign or if light is safe to cross on, only one had a distance viewer, wonder if a digital camera would do the trick as well giving you a live view of a crossing light etc...

now I just need to find a belt clip on case for the mobilux....

Re:hand held cctv video magnifiers?? REVIEWS NEEDED

Everybody should be aware of it is maintained for the National Institute on Disability and Rehabilitation Research of the U.S. Dept. of Education. Its main headings sre Products, Resources, Consumer Forum, and About Abledata.

There are great long lists of ASSISTIVE TECHNOLOGY product catagories and lists of the products with descriptions and where to get additional information.

In the Consumer forum you will find Product Reviews, Classified (for you to place wanted ads) and a Help Wanted page for disability-related companies.

There are 116 product reviews, listed by product name, but I recognized no reviews of products for the vision impaired. PLEASE FIX THAT BY SUBMITTING REVIEWS OF THE ASSISTIVE TECHNOLOGY PRODUCTS YOU USE. I went looking for the Jordy, FarView, and other electronic magnifiers, but struck out. If you use any of these, please submit a review. There is a link on the review page to a helpful form listing the kind of information they seek. They offer to help with missing data. ===GM===

Re:hand held cctv video magnifiers??

I am researching these types of units. I have not follow all that you have posted yet. I will look at your material and get back again later


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