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Hand held ereaders research

Well, I have been looking at what would be a good ereader....

I wanted to really check out what was available instead of just browsing the "big 5"

kindles, sony's, ipad, nook, kobo

So I made a list of each ereader I found (about 150)

and then I put on one page about 6 comparison charts I've found to check specifications

I am going to post this both in the books and technology talk forums...

hope my research and any discussion can help those interested in getting an ereader....

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Re:Hand held ereaders research

Hardsell, your eReader research needs to be brought up todate, so much as happened.
I was impressed with the iPad's reader app legibility but turned off by's instability; I gave up.
How to get books for it then becomes a problem, besides I will want out of copyright books, not ones at new book prices. Also references, a dictionary and Bartlett's, etc.
BTW, how are you?

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