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Has anyone used the Victor Stream Yet?

I am getting ready to purchase a Victor Stream for my son for his birthday and wanted to get some feedback. He currently uses the Victor Classic at school (and home) and I liked the fact that the buttons are so similiar. I bought him an Ipod Classic (the bigger one) last year, which he loves for music and videos, but he had a horrible time with the books. I am hoping that the Victor Stream will work better for him, because he loves to read. Please let me know if you have used it and if you like it. Thanks

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Re:Has anyone used the Victor Stream Yet?

You can get a Talking MP3 Player from for your audiobooks and music. You just copy and paste folders and files onto the player.

Re:Has anyone used the Victor Stream Yet?

Hi. My name is Emily and I use the Victor Stream Reader. I am a big collector of music and use 3 8gb SD cards with it. It's good for talking books and a lot of music. I am totally blind. If you would like to respond, please email me at Thank you.

Re:Has anyone used the Victor Stream Yet?

hello, i would like to have a machine that can read books..that i can downlaod from computer..and something to put music on. i have an ipod..but completely need visual help on ipod..any suggestions? mahalo for replies

Re:Has anyone used the Victor Stream Yet?

Yes, I have one and it is the best thing that has happened to me in the way of books and reading. It is easy to use, but you will need someone to instuct first. The representative her in NC helped me by coming to home, email, phone, etc. I download books from NLS and Audible .com. I use one 8 GB SD card to hold many talking books and other books. But I am 66, computer illiterate, and did need the instruction from the representative who sold it to me. This little bx will talk to you and tell you everything you need to know, plus do many other things. It is reasonabley priced I think. I no longer carry cassettes, cassette players, CDs, Walkmans, ettc. ...just this. I have 12 unabridged books on it and 3 unabridged talking books. I love it.

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