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Help Design for the Web, the Way You Want to Use It

I am an MFA candidate in design and technology at Parsons, the New School for Design and I am working on my thesis which is about accessibility design on the web. I hope to create a user-centered participatory design process.

What this means is that I want to hear about issues you may have come across when using the internet as a blind user. I also want to set up collaborative work sessions or brainstorms of ideal solutions to these problems. These issues can be anything from hard to navigate CAPTCHAs or forms to something that you wish you could do online which currently is difficult or impossible.

No design or technology experience is necessary, I want to include blind or low vision individuals in the design process as I firmly believe that is the only way I can design something good for the blind community, since I myself am not blind.

If this sounds interesting to you and you would like to get involved in helping design internet experiences for the blind please feel free to email me at Otherwise you can always leave comments on this post about things on the web that annoy you, or that you would like to see improved without joining the design sessions.


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help. how to post a new thread

can not see how or where to start a new thread i want to buy a ipad of mini. for a blind man. which is better. the ipad ior mini. cost is a factor but if ipad has best advantages. will pay

Re: Help Design for the Web, the Way You Want to Use It

Niamh, I fear for you. You are taking on a big job in a highly technical field that is constantly being discussed in the accessibility interest groups associated with W3C. These are the professionals in the field who work at it daily. By all means connect with them. You may be trying to invent something being done.
We don't know how well you are qualified. Without our knowing that, you have been offered everything; knowing it, we might be more selective.
The blind and low visioned as a group. consists of two distinct functional groups to design for: eye readers (who read with their eyes but not well), and ear readers (with read with th4eir ears using text to speech technology. What helps one is often of no use to the other, both have their own problems and solutions.
To reach users, I would try, ACB, and NFB.
Good luck! gm

Re: Help Design for the Web, the Way You Want to Use It has a great resource list to help make an accessible webiste.

You can also navigate through to see how an accessible website flows

resources for good website design

Creating Accessible Websites - American Foundation for the Blind

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Designing Accessible Web Forms - American Foundation for the Blind

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Re: Help Design for the Web, the Way You Want to Use It

Hi. You might also check out Apple's Accessibility pages by going to . I started using a Mac at the end of last year, and Apple has done a lot of good things in terms of accessibility. Conversely, Microsoft has also done very well in this area. Check out . Another useful website you might want to check out is . Full disclosure: My brother works at SSB Bart Group. I'm so glad you brought up inaccessible CAPTCHA's. I've run into those before and they are indeed one of the worst accessibility barriers out there. But I've also seen many very accessible CAPTCHA's, such as the ones used on this very website. Best of luck in your research.


You may or may not know about the below resources.
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