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Help findig virtual reality equioment for visually impaired?

Hello, I am a person with low vision, affected by retinitis pigmentosa. someone told me about the option of exploring using virtual reality headsets that may be helpful for me to see the computer screen and be able to do emails ect using my residual vision along wit hthe headset. One of the chllenges is that I live her ein Canada, and based on preliminary reseravch about virtual reality headset si that the product ois sold in the USAA, so one would need to purchase the device, wh ich is over one thousand dollars. Naturally I would need to first try it out first. Does anyonei nthe blind or vision impaired community know anything about these headsets, and which model would be ideal to check out. I thik one model that is lested as being ideal for those with low vision is the one starting with Opt.... The other question is is there a blind or vision impaired organiation that may have an exhibit on display such as conferences that I ould try these devices.

I hope my inquiry is clear. Thank you for your time and consideration.

I know that the local blind organization CNIB is not tuned into the virtual reality headset.

Thank you

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Re: Help findig virtual reality equioment for visually impaired?

well that would depend about ur vission not the headset and if you use a program like zoom text it micht not work correctly

Re: Help findig virtual reality equioment for visually impaired?


Are there any upcoming gaming expos you could attend? How about contacting product reviewers, as there are some in Canada.

Are you currently using a screen reading software? This would be highly valuable.

Shannon Carollo

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