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Help Finding An MP3 Player

I'd like to get my step mother an mp3 player so I can load audio books for her since a CD player would be too difficult for her to open and close. She is cortically blind and has issues manipulating her hands so she can't use anything small and probably won't be able to push the buttons unless they are larger than a quarter. I was thinking something voice activated but they all seem to be more than I can afford. I don't know if there is anything out there that would work but it's something her and I have been discussing for some time now. I'd appreciate any suggestions. Thanks!

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Re:Help Finding An MP3 Player

Check out

Re:Help Finding An MP3 Player

AIFB( AUDIO INDEX FOR BLIND) is a project for blind person all over the world, maybe you can find some idea about MP3 Player for the Blind or Visually Impaired from it's site:
xubing from Beijing

Re:Help Finding An MP3 Player

Does it have to be an mp3?

there is an audio book service for blind and vision impaired

that currently uses cassette tapes to play back books... instead of the sound being stereo they seperate the left and right tracks on each side giving four distinct tracks per tape.. the player has large buttons 5 to control tape movement/eject and 5 for tone tape speed and the like

its not brailled but there are large symbols on the keys to help

the system is switching to a digital format where you can even download from pc to pstorage then connect to player...

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