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Help in Jaws

Hey all, I have a vision impairment, and my mum is almost totally blind.
I'm wondering, HOW do you use JAWS for the internet, not MSN as she knows how to do that, but i would like to know, step by step, how to use jaws for internet based access. Is there a good way to use it, either IE or FireFox? Either way would be really good, but i want to teach her how to use it for the internet access instead of me checking her emails all the time, i know i'm a great help but, i may not be around her all my life. I would like to teach her heaps about jaws but she had learned how to use jaws for MSN and her "teacher" said that she could NOT use it for IE which that's a total lie.
i know it can be IE accessed, but can it be chat room accessed to?

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Re:Help in Jaws

The company that makes JAWS (Freedom Scientific) has a helpful section on their web site called Surf's Up. Here they have all of the how to's on using JAWS with Internet Explorer. Here is the link,

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