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Help Menu Font Size in Windows

I have done everything possible in the 'personalize' portion of Windows 7 to make the menu help pages and some other fonts to make them either larger or darker so that I can see it, many times, hours and hours. But there is not an available setting for some of these. Is there any thing that can work for that? and if not, someone should invent it for us! Also, I use high contrast white on black for the most part but I could probably go to a softer color theme if I could find a way to adjust those things. What can I do? Is there any word processing program that is better for that? Mcrosoft has a lot of good things but they will only go so far.

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Re: Help Menu Font Size in Windows

Alas, this is one of several Windows controls that is not accessible and I would love to know if it is covered by enforceable law, such as under "508". It would be very nice if AFB would address the problem of advocacy help needed by individual computer users. A message board to collect our problems would be a start.
G F Mueden

Re: Help Menu Font Size in Windows

A few things to try...
When in help, click Control A to select all, see if the contrast makes a difference.
Tap Windows key and in the search box, type color, there is a windows program that lets you adjust colors for all aspects, but as Microsoft does sometimes, this may or may not affect the colors in help...
Copy and paste the text from help to word processor and then change the color there...
last bit of advice...
I find Google a lot easier to find help, whether on how to do something or errors.


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