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Help, saving docs in MS Word 2010?

I am using MS Word 2010 on my computer, and recently a friend sent me step by step instructions on how to save a file, but she has the MS Word 2003 edition.
-The problem is both in her first step and fourth step, which I will present below in concise fashion:
1. Alt f for file and letter a for save as. I need to do alt a in order to get "save as".
2. Read current line and edit with the name of file you want it to be.
3. Tab once to save as, choose save as MS Word.
4. This is where the problem occurs. tab twice past cancel, save, and you will hear list of locations as where to save. Choose my documents.
When tabbing, I get something totally different.
-If I use the f 4 from the document, I can only ultimately save it to the C drive, requiring that I record somewhere the file name for later use.
Two questions:
1. Is there a board where one can get help with issues like this?
2. Is there a web site that lists step by step commands for various versions of MS Word, that is blind person friendly?
Thanks again for your help. Much appreciated!

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Re: Help, saving docs in MS Word 2010?

Are you using JAWS? CRTL key + S or F12 (SAVE AS)


Re: Help, saving docs in MS Word 2010?

Michelle, hello,
Thank you for the assistance. I did send an email to the Microsoft Disability Answer desk and got a similar answer compared to yours.
-If this is redundant please excuse me. If you are typing something on the hard drive, you finish your project, can you insert the thumb drive, hit control s, arrow or tab to save as and type the drive colon backslash and name of your file and press enter?
I am on twitter also at, I think.
Thanks Michelle and wish you well on your AFB internship and beyond!

Re: Help, saving docs in MS Word 2010?

Hi David,
This is Michelle, an AFB intern. Instead of alt+F and then A, an easy shortcut is to press either control+S or f12.

As for your second problem, I find that with more recent versions of MS word, it is much easier to shift-tab from the field where you edit the file's name to the menues where you can select the folder into which you'd like to save your file. I counted five shift-tabs until I reached the right menue, which jaws pronounces "tree view, tree view."

Hope this helps! Please feel free to post again or tweet me @mhackman if you have any more questions.


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