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Help! Window Media

I have Windows XP Proffessional. I use Window Media to RIP and Sync songs into my MP3. My problem is while going through myplaylist , I may accidentally press a wrong button and now I have Napster on my Windows Media. I have never bought a song before and I do not use the on-line store. How can I get rid of Napster? I tried everything and I still can't get my Window Media back to its original state and I am unable to Rip and sync any songs from my own CD. Please help. Lupus.

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Re:Help! Window Media

Have you tried to go to Control Panel, Add or Remove Programs? You should be able to uninstall Napster from there.

Re:Help! Window Media

I have an idea but you will need sighted assistance because if you hit a wrong key where I'm about to tell you could be death to your computer
You could delete it in the comand prompt

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