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Help with Adobe Flash Player Installation

Hi all. I don't think this question has been asked here yet, but if it has I do apologize in advance. I just got my Dell laptop back from the repair shop a couple of weeks ago, and it's working very well so far. But I seem to be missing the flash player that is required for most videos to play. I just downloaded the Macromedia setup file from the Downloads link at , but it seems to be rather inaccessible with both System Access and Non-Visual Desktop Access. Any help on this greatly appreciated. All other audio files I've tried seem to work fine.

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Re: Help with Adobe Flash Player Installation

This is Jake, the one who posted in here about the Adobe flash player. I'm happy to report that all seems to be well again. I've tested out some flash videos which have sound, and all of them played so I'm assuming that this software was automatically installed during one of the many updates that have occurred over the past few days.

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