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Help with Jarte?

I am looking for some tutorials to help me with the word processing program, jarte, that might be tailored toward blind computer users.
In particular how to create expansions, and how to save documentation to a thumb drive, also known as a direct drive when finished with the document.
I am using NVDA as screen reader and love it!
Thanks for help. This is somewhat urgent.
By the way, I have a post here which no one has replied too concerning using Google Plus as a social media site.

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Re: Help with Jarte?

Hello - and overdo thanks to Jajo400 and Mikaela for their respective posts when this was originally posted in 2013.
This post came up when searching in google for Jarte tutorials.

-I recently got a new computer, windows 7, 64-bit, Firefox as browser, Jarte and Open Office both installed.

My questions are:
To start using:
Select Jarte from the programs menu with enter key.
Do I just start typing at that point?
With the basic version, can one spell-check, copy to clipboard, have it be automatically compatible with MS Word?and save the same way one would a MS Word doc?
Is there an extension to type at the end of the named file, docx for example.
-Secondarily, if anyone knows where help can be gained for using Open Office, please, please, please inform.
Thanks again.
David Russell

Re: Help with Jarte?

I use jarte with nvda. What windows model do u use? i use xp. ut when u save te document, there is a save in area. select the drive u wish to save it to. then fill out the file name field and select a file type. then press alt s.

Re: Help with Jarte?

I have used Jarte before with NVDA and like it very much. Unfortunately I know of no tutorials for Jarte, but I would think the process of copying it to a thumbdrive is similar, if not identical, to that of Notepad, Wordpad, or Ms Word. Hopefully someone will create a Jarte tutorial soon. Unfortunately my laptop has been having issues as of late, and I haven't been able to use it.

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