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Help with Some Computer Issues, Including Perhaps SA-Related

Hi everyone. I've been experiencing some nagging computer issues for the past couple of months, and I can't seem to find anyone who knows how to help me. I will start off with one which I think might be at least somewhat related to System Access and the System Access Mobile Network. This issue has mainly been occurring on my desktop PC, but it also happens sometimes on my laptop. I get a Microsoft Windows error, but the funny thing is it isn't spoken most of the time. Sometimes I will get prompted that Microsoft needs to close and re-open the program. The weird thing is though, that this doesn't appear to be happening in every program. It mainly happens when I am attempting to play something with the SA Mobile Media Player, and when I'm viewing a large webpage in either Internet Explorer or the SAMNet browser. Speech often crashes as well, which might be why I'm not getting the full error report from Microsoft. I've scanned my computer with Microsoft Security Essentials and with a trial version of Malwarebytes. I also contacted Microsoft's new accessibility support line, and had them do a full scan of my computer with the Malware Removal Tool. I also uninstalled and then reinstalled System Access on here. But this problem still persists. Any help greatly appreciated.

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Re: Help with Some Computer Issues, Including Perhaps SA-Related

Have you ever tried the Kim Komando show,or writing to Kim Komando? She is very good with computer issues.

The Web Site is:


Re: Help with Some Computer Issues, Including Perhaps SA-Related

Hi Jajoe, I am no expert but will build on what country girl said in her reply. Do you have custom updates or automatic updates set? That might be an issue. What about browser security, would that setting have something to do with your issue? If you live in a fairly large area, does one of your radio stations offer a computer help talk show that you could call in and raise this on the air? Again, I am no expert but only trying to suggest things that could be going on. Wish you a good resolution to this.

Re: Help with Some Computer Issues, Including Perhaps SA-Related

I've had some problems with sa and samnet as well. I figured out that sa periodically updates itself so it is compatible with the latest version of windows so try updating your computer. That's all the advice I can give regarding this issue.
Hope this helps!

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