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hi guys, I bring to you all and app designed by me that reads posts from Facebook

The most beautiful, intuitive, easy-to-use, text-to-speech app in the whole App Store.
This is an all-new way to understand apps. Simplicity, functionality, clean design, direct to the point and, the most important, without publicity.
You can play, pause, stop, post to Facebook and adjust the speed of the speech. Perfect for people who is learning a new language!. You can improve your pronunciation. You can pause, correct the text and continue playing. At the end of the speech you can play it again with the correction done!.

Integration with Facebook:
Let Paste 'n' Play read your friend's posts for you.
Post your texts on Facebook and let your Facebook friends, listen to them directly through Paste 'n' Play.
Yo will be able to listen to your friend's posts by simply clicking on the link.
You may share recipes, biographies, news, articles, etc... Write a title and all your friends will be able to listen to them directly through Paste 'n' Play.

Perfect design for you if you have vision problems. Is so simple that you will love it!!.
The app is in constant development. As of today it is still not posible to make background playback due to external reasons, but we will wait and see…

Text-to-speak Voices:
English (UK),
English (USA),
Spanish (Mexico),
Portuguese (Portugal),
Romanian and
Portuguese (Brazil).

Paste 'n' Play is universal and works beautifully on the iPad.

Paste 'n' Play will remember the last language that you used before you close your app, and it will appear by default the following time you use it.

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