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How about having tactile sensation while watching films?

My name is cherry and I'm a master student who love film watching. I've been to an audio description film screening recently and found out that there could be something else added to enhance the film watching experience for visually impaired audiences, so recently I've started to design a mobile application that combines the sense of touch with audio description for people who love films. I'd like to conduct a survey with people who're using smart devices so that I get different ideas of what could be better for the users. If you also love films and are interested in the topic, please reply your email to this subject so I can send you a short survey regarding my research, or sending me email to would be good as well!
Thank you in advance for helping me! I hope it will then become real and provide a better film watching experience for everyone!

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Re: How about having tactile sensation while watching films?

Hi Cherry,
I am not blind or visually impaired, but...
- I love movies, and I have watched them with tactile (vibrating) seats!
- I have patented something called Sensory Messaging,
- I am the Founder of TACTonics, LLC and the Developer of the TACTspace Mobile App and TACTpuck wearable.
- And, I believe the blind could help me perfect all this.

Send me the survey, or email me, if you like.
Eddie Bugg

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