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how do the blind use a kindle

How do the blind use a kindle.

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Re: how do the blind use a kindle

My students use the kindle app on the ipad. Most of the books also have an audio version through audible which you also download from Amazon. U can just get the audio version if you dont need the print.
Also, the older kindles and some of tgd newer ones have a text to speech option. I know the paperwhite does not have a speech option.

Re: how do the blind use a kindle

I use the Kindle Paperwhite that has Multiple font sizes. It works very well for me (dry AMD in left and wet in right)

Kindle search on

I put "Kindle" into the Search Box on One of the choices is:
wich is a review of the Kindle. It goes into detail about how a totally blind person can use the Kindle itself.

how do blind and low vision people use a kindle

Many of us use the Kindle app and VoiceOver technology on the iPhone instead of the Kindle itself. For more information, you can read

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