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How to comb hair

I am a blind man. I want to know some techniques on combing my hair in some style. Right now, I comb it straight down. I am just trying to look for a easihr way on combing.

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Re: How to comb hair

Well, i am only a teenager but i would suggest combing hair slightly at an angle and wetting your hair before combing it. I hope some of this helped :)

Re: How to comb hair

Well I just comb my hair straight back but as a man I like long side burns and have found that I can guage them pretty accurately by placing three fingers up against my ears and using the fingers as a shaving guide to creae mutton chop sideburns. :)

Re: How to comb hair

Try talking with your stylists to see what your hair can do. Sometimes certain hair types will not do certain styles.

Re:How to comb hair

Thank you for that information!

Re:How to comb hair

Okay so I'm not a guy but I thought I would try and answer you anyway since no one else had yet. First, the answer depends on how long your hair is. If is is really short you could put product in it and spike it or something to that affect. If it is longer you could put some product in it and give it that tousled messy look. That is pretty easy and hard to screw up where you can't see it. My only other suggestion would be for you to get a hair cut that doesn't require much styling. At the time of the hair cut you could even ask the stylist to give you some tips and explain any limitations or concerns you may have...hope that helps

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