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How to listen to any webpage

I just found Web2go - an Android App that does this job magnificently. If you have an Android device you better check it (it's free)

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Re: How to listen to any webpage

Hey everyone,

Thought this would be useful to you guys. I have launched a service which i think would be extremely helpful for visually impaired people. You can visit the website at
We are currently looking for early adopters and sponsors to allow us to offer this service absolutely free for visually impaired and blind people. Please feel free to register and don't hesitate to contact if you have any feedback.


Re: How to listen to any webpage

Hi Michelle,

Did you find the App ? I use everyday now and its a great tool. How can I help in getting more friends to know about it ?

Re: How to listen to any webpage

Thanks for the recommendation! I'll be sure to try it.
- Michelle, AFB intern

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