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how to select on line spyware program?

Hi AFB Tech Talk, I recently got a windows 7 computer with Jaws #12 but cannot seem to get through the clutter to download a particular spyware/malware free program, such as malware bytes or the program from Microsoft. Apparently this has changed over the past 2-3 years and is now rather complex. Any tips would be truly appreciated.

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Re: how to select on line spyware program?

I use Microsoft Security Essentials and it works great. It says that it handles both anti-virus and anti-malware duties, and so far I'd say it's done a great job. I don't know what exactly it does with stuff it finds, as I've never been prompted to take any action when using the program. Perhaps it just handles the nasties automatically or something. It is quite accessible with both System Access and Non-Visual Desktop Access. It also works well with JAWS. I know this because a sister of mine is a JAWS user and also has MSE on her computer. I've also had good results with Super Antispyware. Malwarebytes only seems to be accessible with NVDA though, and I can't purchase the paid version of it due to my current financial situation. But a good place to download Microsoft Security Essentials is . Click on "Programs" and you'll find it listed in there. Super Antispyware is at , and contains a paid as well as a free version. Good luck.

Re:how to select on line spyware program?

I am very interested in this topic too. I currently have virus protection and spyware protection software installed on my computer but can not use it. I have to get help from a sighted person to do any additional functions than the automatic scans.

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