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I am P.O.'d

I am frustrated at the high cost of Adaptive and Assistive Technologies. It is priced well out of reach for the very one's it is designed to help. Yes, I understand markets, businesses and profits but there has to be a better way.

Understanding it is one thing to be angry and say something, while something totally diferent to try and change it so I want to make available a program that I wrote and use in my home to help me, to anyone who could benefit from it...for FREE. But I need some help in doing so.

What I need is someone who can program MS-Access, Visual Basic or Visual C/C+ to help me clean the application up, add a few features and tie up some loose ends with it. If I can get the help I need with this I will GLADLY give it away to help others.

The program does a LOT! It helps me in the kitchen with my cooking, it helps me identify CD's and DVD's I am seaarching for and creates my shopping list and much more. I have been using it for several months and it is working very well for me. In fact a LOT better than I could hope for compared to some of the AT devices I've seen out there for hundreds and thousands of dollars and it is much more flexible than what they currently offer to my knowledge.

Any help in getting this done would be greatly appreciated and hopefully it will make a difference for others. Let me know. Thanks!

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Re:I am P.O.'d has a consumer forum with a classified section. You might post your needs there.

It is a good idea to label you posts with your needs, not with your attitude. Bad form. ===gm===

Re:I am P.O.'d

There is at times a alternative if you only get social security with your local state vocational rehabilitation service or get a plan with some companies like GW-Micro that gives reasonable liscenes out until you finish your payment. I hate it too though! It ---- me off as well!

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