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I need a CCTV

I need a CCTV but cannot afford to buy one myself. My State Department of Rehabilitation says that they are not able to help me. My employer is willing to let me use theirs so long as it is at work. But I need one for home use. Does anyone know where I can obtain a CCTV either free or low-cost?

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Re:I need a CCTV

This post has been here a year. Plesase bring us up to date and say what you have learned in the process of looking. ===gm===

Re:I need a CCTV

We all ought to know about this exchange service:
To contact The Assistive Technology Exchange in New England, go to their Web site at, reach them by e-mail at, or call 1-866-682-9955 (in state), 617-204-3851 (out of state), or 617-204-3815 (TTY).

Re:I need a CCTV is a Gov't supported site for assistive tech. They have a Consumer Forum with a classified adv. section for For Sale and Wanted ads. They have a place for product reviews, but nonefor CCTVs. ===gm===

Re:I need a CCTV

Most used CCTV's can be purchased for around half as much as a new one. Go to the website below, they have great deals for what your looking for.

Re:I need a CCTV

Hi, we have 3 CC tv's, that are just packed up and stored away. I wouldn't have any idea what to sell them for and the shipping cost would be costley!
My email is:

Re:I need a CCTV

Why is your state refusing to assist you? Have you contacted your advocacy group.

Re:I need a CCTV

I have an Alladin Video Magnifier that does black and white or color magnification that I am looking to sell. My son used it for about a year before his vision took a turn for the worse. Now it is just sitting on his desk. I would love to sell it so I can buy him other equipment that he can use. I am not sure if this is what you are looking for, but if it is, you can email me at

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