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I-Tell can make an iPod accessible for the blind


A unique, innovative and exciting product, which enables your existing iPod to announce your stored artists, album titles, song titles and audio books. The I-Tell simply plugs into your iPod and your earphones plug into the I-Tell; you then control your iPod through the controls on the I-Tell. The unit also includes a removable belt clip. You can connect other devices such as a radio transmitter or charger to your iPod whilst using the I-Tell. The I-Tell has 5 main control buttons which work in a similar way to an iPod, with 2 additional buttons to control the volume. The unit has an additional setup menu, which enables you to choose the voice style, voice speed and the gaps between words. The unit requires no batteries as it is powered by the iPod. Compatible with most iPod’s which have a docking connector.
(iPod not supplied)

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