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Inquiry About Braille Displays Assessments

We are a group of students researching refreshable braille displays for a class project and were hoping to get a some feedback on a few questions of people’s experience or opinions of braille displays. If you could take a minute to answer a few questions, that would be greatly appreciated. No identities will be used.

Do you use a refreshable braille display?

If no, why not?

If yes:
What two features of your braille display do you find most useful?

What would you change about your braille display?

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Re: Inquiry About Braille Displays Assessments

I use a Focus 40 refreshable display.
I like its flexibility in terms of customization, and horizontal/vertical scrolling capabilities.
I also like that it can be used to enter text to screen using a braille keyboard vs. querty so folks have that option. I myself, do not use it because I type much faster than I braille.

What I don't like is the same for all displays.
they are cumbersome, 40 character displays don't fit comfortably in laptop bags, let alone an 80.
they are also expensive due to the technology used. if someone could invent a more efficient refreshable technology, i'd like to see something that is capable of showing a full monitor's worth of text, (it truly sucks trying to triage a few thousand lines of code 40 characters at a time for one stupid syntax error) and be put together in moveable segments/slots so it could be folded for portability.

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