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Introducing Tappy Menu restaurant app for blind and visually impaired

Hello all, My name is Ann, and I would like to tell you about this amazing app that my brother and I created called Tappy Menu. This awesome app allows blind and visually impaired smart phone users access to restaurant menus. Being blind myself, I know how frustrating it can be when having to rely on sighted help or reading a braille menu so large that it would take you ages to go through. Click On Detroit wrote an article on Tappy menu. So far, we have 10 restaurants on there currently, however with your help and continuous downloads, we can make this app truly something. Here are the list of some of the restaurants we have so far. A&W, Panda Express, Happys Pizza, DB Dough, Tony Romas, Carval Ic cream, Spicy Pickle, Pizza rustic, and much more. Like I said, the more downloads the more restaurants will see how effective this app is.

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