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investigating the accessibility of a workplace computer database program

I am looking for a way to learn a computer program for my work that has heretofore been deemed completely inaccessible. The program is a database called Advantage, into which you enter various pieces of information after speaking with a customer that is then communicated to other areas of the workplace. Training on this program is very complicated and usually takes a trainee a month or so to complete. Obviously, the individual responsible for the training is not familiar with JAWS, but our I.T. department doesn't think there is any way, based on strategies they have tried, to make Advantage even remotely accessible. Here is my question: Without complete training on the program, I am not familiar enough with it to truly assess the program's accessibility. And if the program is not going to be accessible, it doesn't make much sense for my company to spend valuable time training me on it. What have all of you found to be the best way to determine an unfamiliar program's accessibility? Are there resources out there that can assist in this endeavor?

Thanks so much,

Kimberly Morrow

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Re: investigating the accessibility of a workplace computer database program

Kim, please tell us what Advantage has to say about it. Its their baby and they should be able to tell about it.
"Accessibility" doesn't always mean the same thing to different people. Some say something is accessible if it meets the guidelines even if it is not accessible to an individual. A program or website may be accessible for one screen reader but not for another. It is a developers nightmare getting his project accessible for them all. I would ask them for what screen reader is Advantage optimized. Good luck. gm

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