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iPhone 5s

Is there any tutorial on how to use the iPhone? And is there free apps for the blind?

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Re: iPhone 5s

Hi there,
I'm not sure if this helps, but I learned a lot of how t use the iPhone just through experimentation. There are certain things you'll want to brush up on -- like how to use the roter -- but those are easily googleable. Also, ther are countless apps you can download that will be accessible. Do you have any idea what types of apps you might want?

Michelle, AFB Intern

Re: iPhone 5s

Hi all and littlebear,
I believe a recent issue of Access World, found on the AFB web site via link, had an article about the iPhone and other phone products. Another suggestion is contact the store or place where you are buying, or have bought an iPhone and ask if they can give you information concerning further on line or phone support.
Or, you could use your search engine and type something like remote support for iPhone 5, or tutorials for iPhone 5. Hope that may help somewhat.

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