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iPhone OCR app help?

So I got the new zoom reader from aisquared it works great but I'm having trouble not getting a jumbled mess when I take the picture

With ocrs in general how do you keep the camera steady long enough where it. Is clear and easily read aloud without decoding it

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Re: iPhone OCR app help?

Try holding the phone a bit higher from the object. It will photograph better. It took me awhile before I was able to get it to work well. Kepp practicing.

Re:iPhone OCR app help?

i usually hold it straight up and down, with a shakey hand its hard to get a good picture but i have been able to get it to read a few things. It doesn't seem to like print especially when its printed at a small font like .9 or whatever. I got it to read the full first page of Frankenstein on my iPad but other than that i nor my mom are having good luck with it but it does seem to entertain my friends the way it sounds jumbled
I'm usually trying to get the picture sitting at the kitchen table but its difficult my phones camera is less than a year old as far as manufacturer it seems to have great clarity

Re:iPhone OCR app help?

It also depends on the orientation. Are you holding the phone sideways, or normal (straight up-down, with the button at the bottom)?

as well, if depends on how clear the text and font is. Trying having a friend taking a good clear picture of the text and see whether it still has trouble reading it.

Re:iPhone OCR app help?

Hard to say without knowing the situation, Are you seated at a computer? What is the camera like? Is the copy on paper or screen? Are you doing one or many? Small or large? Etc.

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