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ipod shuffle

Hi, I'm new to this group. I am a prodcution manager at a sign shop that produces ADA braille signage. The first thing I tought of when I bought my iPod Shuffle, was that it would be great for the blind. except for the led battery life indicator. I'm interested in starting a project to help blind people use the ipod shuffle as a tool, for not only music and podcasts, but logistical and geographics audio directions.
Are there any blind people here who would like to be involved? Is there anyone currently using a shuffle?
Any kind of feedback would be great.

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Re:ipod shuffle

If you wish to avoid having to use iTunes and for an accessible and affordable talking MP3 player, visit

Re:ipod shuffle

for my instructions on How To Put Audio Books on an iPod for Blind iPod Users visit my website at



Re:ipod shuffle

I have an iPod mini & find it hard to use. I am blind in the right eye & low vision in the left eye. Its hard to read the screen & load items and I find it difficult to navigate. My husband bought it for me b/c I enjoy music, but really he uses it and programs it for me.

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