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Is bigger really better? How big? (monitors)

Well I am again doing research, this time on upgrading my computer. It will be four next month and is starting to show a little aging.

When I bough the computer in 2005 I only had "bad vision" needed very thick glasses but was okay so a 19 inch monitor was alright....

I now am legally blind 450/20 left 280/20 right and I have trouble seeing web pages, if I jack up the text so I can see it, albeit still leaning in pretty close, I can't fit a whole web page on the present monitor..

Finances are tight, so getting the best bang for my buck is a must.

The price of monitors in the 24 inch range are not too bad, I can even get a dell ultra refurbished from their outlet store with full 3 year warranty for 189-230 or new for 269-299

but planning ahead should I really go for a 27 inch monitor?

a dell refurbished is 629 today 789 on sale new. the other brands in this size Acer, I-inc, and Hanns are not well known to me and the 30 inch prices are just out of my league...

Could I please get some comments and feedback from those with larger monitors? Are you satisfied with what you have, or want bigger, and why?

Thank You in advance

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Re:Is bigger really better? How big? (monitors)

Here are a few monitors I have been looking at

from this article about using TV as a monitor:


Now, here is where you might get a little disappointed. Your TV's usual video signal is called NTSC (PAL if you live in Europe). This signal is different than the one generated by your computer.

Computers use signals measured by pixels: 320x200, 320x240, 640x480, 800x600, 1024x768, 1280x1024 or 1600x1200.

Most TV's can only get about 500 lines of resolution, in computers this is like 500 vertical pixels. The video amplifiers in televisions cannot handle higher resolutions either. So when you factor these things together you are left with a maximum resolution of 640x480.

end of quote

that seems to be the common point from several tv as monitor pages, the resolution is terrible, it might work for just reading text but I still game and watch movies online so need more resolution

thanks for the feedback, Wingman, anyone else use a large monitor for their computer?

Re:Is bigger really better? How big? (monitors)

i went with a 32" TV for my computer monitor i recommend one of them once they go on sale

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