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Is Office getting less accessible?

So I've used JFW and NVDA since they came out. I've used office since '97. I try to do all the FS trainings and I'm pretty good at figuring stuff out. So I am not sure if it's me or Office, but lately, things that seem simple for the sighted are things I just can't figure out.
For example, in Word, to save some formatting to a quick style, directions say to select the formatted text, and from the styles pane select "save selection as a quick style", name your selection and it's done. But I cannot figure out how to do this from the keyboard. Sure, I can pull up the styles pane, But there's nothing in it that I can tab or mouse to that JAWS says is a "save selection as a quick style" button.
For another example, in Outlook, when I select all text, and remove the formatting, JAWS now says the text is royal blue on white. ***REALLY*** Is this a bug or is this true?
In Excel, I was trying to figure out how to add a page number to a header. I could create the header fine, but I was supposed to put the cursor in the box (headers are divided in to three sections, left center and right) and then the help told me to select a button. I can tab to those buttons, but then that shifts my focus there. So how can I put my cursor in one place and click elsewhere. And no, the JAWS cursor would not go to those buttons, because in Excel 2010 JAWS is working with the document object model and not the content of the screen. So I couldn't put the JAWS cursor on the page number button.
For a final example, in IE10 sometimes I get "stuck" in a toolbar or address bar. Though IE and JAWS have tons of navigation keystrokes, there is no keystroke to jump to the body of a page from the address, favorites notification or other toolbars. CTRL-F6 works sometimes, but other times, the only way is to close IE and simply reload the page.
What gives guys. All these toolbars and ribbons are not improving the experience for the screen reader user. JAWS and NVDA try to keep up, but I think Microsoft is dropping the ball and the screen readers in playing catch-up keep introducing more bugs.

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Re: Is Office getting less accessible?

Yes, Office is less accessible, even for eye readers.
I used a 2000 (?) version quite happily, but the newest version is like a foreign language. I understand that there is a program that makes the headings like an older version, but don't know the details. gm

Re: Is Office getting less accessible?

Debee, I am not proficient enough to answer your questions but would like to ask of your expertise if I may, or anyone else for that matter.
If you have typed something in MS Word on your hard drive, saved it to another storage device, how do you go back and delete said file from MS Word on your hard drive?
I use NVDA on my home computer which also came with a WP program called Jarte.
Per your questions, I would contact Freedom Scientific or the NVDA support list which I know can get pretty crazy at times with email volume.
Hope we both find the answers we are looking for.

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