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Jaws 7.0

Is there any one here to provide help for people who use Jaws? I have several Jaws users on my computer list. I am trying to get the best help I can for them. One user is having a awful time right now. Jaws will not reply to emails. She uses Jaws 7.0 Some problems I can find online in order to help them, but some problems I can't find help for at all. Is there a Jaws forum somewhere? Any help here would be very much appreciated. The person I need help for the most I believe is new too using Jaws. If someone supplies instructions please break them down as much as possible, or she will not understand.

Thank You!


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Re:Jaws 7.0

I Googled "jaws help" and there were places to go.

Weebit, please tell us what you have learned.
You must have been very disappointed in the response to your post.

Re:Jaws 7.0


Re:Jaws 7.0

Instead of Expanding possibilities, it's more like creating dead ends.

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