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JAWS 9.0 and Microsoft 2007

I have purchased the student addition of Microsoft Office 2007. When I tried the Microsoft Word, JAWS didn't want to work. Does JAWS not work with Microsoft 2007? HELP!

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Re:JAWS 9.0 and Microsoft 2007

Re:JAWS 9.0 and Microsoft 2007


Does anyone have a document that I could use to learn MS Word 2007 with JAWS? Thanks in advance for all your help.

Re:JAWS 9.0 and Microsoft 2007

Where would I look, I am so lost.

Re:JAWS 9.0 and Microsoft 2007

Yeah, it should. But I have the same vertion and it does have its problams. Try going to the view minue and check that it is on normal. Sometimes that can help. If that doesn't work, try restarting Jaws.

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