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JAWS key interference with shortcut command

I am a volunteer, giving computer skills instruction to blind people. One of my students has an ASUS laptop, with JAWS. Numbers lock is activated with with the function key and insert. To read or spell the current word with JAWS, one uses insert plus number 5 on the numbers pad. Are you seeing the problem? We can’t really use insert as insert when we press function. It’s a pity because I like that spelling feature. I have cautiously looked into the hot key options, but I wasn’t able to resolve anything quickly. (I have a little ACER netbook in which both the caps lock and the insert function as a hot key [JAWS key] but that is not the case with his.)

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Re:JAWS key interference with shortcut command

Thank you. I had given up. But I will persevere and try these steps you've given me.

Re:JAWS key interference with shortcut command

Mary, I am just now seeing your message. As it is now several months past the time you wrote it you may have already solved your problem or you may have just given up with the keyboard conflict. In the JAWS Startup Wizard, which you can get to from the JAWS help menu, there should be an option of redefining the JAWS key from the default insert key to the caps lock key. Also, as you said you could use Keyboard Manager, available from the Utilities menu, to add another key for say current word. If you go this route, make sure you're in the default list and not a list for a specific application such as MS Word.

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