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jaws or fwindoweyes

Hello my name is Tom. I am looking for a copy of either Jaws 14 or windoweyes. Prefer windoweyes but, will take Jaws. State will not help me upgrade to Jaws 14 because it is "an upgrade." This is needed do to the fact that I had to upgrade my laptop to windows eight after my other system crashed. I do not have money for the upgrades for Jaws.

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Re: jaws or fwindoweyes

Hi Tom.
have you tryed NVDA? i beleve that it works with windows8 and it is free.
you can find it at www.nvda-project.ortg

Re: jaws or fwindoweyes

Hi Tom,

I can provide neither of them, however, I ran into something else that you may find helpful. you can find it on the web site. It is kind of a voice service over telephone, when you dial one of their telephone numbers, it can read web pages for you. It also have some features like reminder, with which you can set a time, and they will call you back at that specified time.


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