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JAWS question

Hey guys, I don't know how to get JAWS to read the text graphics on some websites. For example, when I want to sign up for a new email address or something there is a box with like twisted leters and numbers in it and the website asks me to type the letters and numbers in. They say this is done so that people cannot just automaticly register for an email account or whatever, but it is preventing me from doing a lot on the internet. Often times it will have a link that will read the characters in the box out loud, but I can barely understand it. Does anyone know if JAWS will read it. It would be great if I found out a way to do this, because I want to listen to Sirius Satilite Radio online, and can't see the graphic to type in the letters and numbers. If anyone has any suggestions post them below, or better yet send me an email at Thanks a bunch, Ben

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need help with windows media???

Can someone please tell me how can I open my playlist in my library? I need to delete a few songs individually in my library and I am unable to delete thesong because I can't find the right key to delete it. I am using JAWS. Please help. Lupus

Re:JAWS question

Hi Ben,

It appears you are talking about CAPTCHA (Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart) images, and I am sorry to say that JAWS cannot read them. This is because JAWS relies on the web developer to assign Alternative text to images, otherwise JAWS will read the image location path. Because the CAPTCHA images are auto-generated there is no way to assign Alternative text to them and JAWS has no path to rely on to find the filename of that image.

When it comes to screen readers, JAWS is one of the best, however, in these cases JAWS has nothing to work with.

At this time, I only know of one place you can try, but I warn you that hat it doesn't always succeed at making that information available to screen readers.

Check out Web Vision at; this is the only thing I found that attempts CAPTCHA image solving.

Good Luck,
Dianna K. Green
The world of technology is alive with possibilities for us living with disabilities.

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