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I know its so simple but how do I go about helping a 5th grader who does not know what jaws is let alone computer?

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Hi. If the person already has Jaws you may need to know the version number. I believe they run from 3.0 to 12 which is the most recent version. You can find guides on line for basic functions, suggest in your search engine you type jaws for window tutorial. Or, contact your Regional Library for the Blind and see if they have someone to assist you with where to find resource guides. This is all under the National Library Service for the Blind, abbreviated NLS. I think they list libraries by state. If a Jaws version has been purchased, it should contain tutorials on CD or as a part of the program itself. Go very basic with this 5th grader. Learning how to turn on the computer, get Jaws to run when installed, and become familiar with the basic program menu where I would recommend you begin; take your time... HTH.

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