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Jordy: user experience wanted.

Am interested in how users use the Jordy and how they like it for varios tasks. ===gm===

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Re:Jordy: user experience wanted.

Dear Baffled: Your question has been neglected far too long. I am usually notified when there are new posts and I came upon this by accident.

Please tell us more about his sight, where you aare, and whom you have consulted. (Many solutions are local)

Every stste has a service for the visually disabled and is a Govt supported data base for assistive technology. There are clasifieds listed for used AT which may cut the costs considerably.

More when I know more.

Re:Jordy: user experience wanted.

Haven't been able to afford this device for my husband but am very excited and interested in any instrument to improve his quality of life. We cannot give him his sight back to what it was but darn it , why not give him something to try. Any ideas on affordability for low income people and high tech devices ?

Re:Jordy: user experience wanted.

Thank you. Good job. To get user uxperience we need an LV SIG (low vision special interest group) for person-to-person exchange. The use of these things is very personal and our situations tend to differ. I would like these experiences come to me not filtered through third parties. Knowing theusers would help.
Thanks again. ===gm===

Re:Jordy: user experience wanted.

I waited to see if anyone poste

I cannot offer any personal useage but tried to find some reviews on-line

Basic info of how jordy started as Nasa technology

a little mention of a user, and that Jordy II is out with a table docking station

AFB has a Journal of Visual Impairments& Blindness JVIB

and it offers:

The Jordy Electronic Magnification Device: Opinions, Observations, and Commentary

Abstract: The Jordy electronic magnification device is one of a small number of electronic headborne devices designed to provide people with low vision the capability to perform near-range, intermediate-range, and distance viewing tasks. This report seeks to define the benefits of using the Jordy as a low vision device by people who are legally blind. The staff of the low vision program of the Central Texas Veterans Health Care System in Waco, Texas, began using the Jordy electronic magnification device, manufactured by Enhanced Vision Systems (EVS) in 2000, when it was still a boxlike structure, and have been using the latest gogglelike model, with its improved focusing capability, since August 2003. The staff of the program, at a 15-bed facility that serves approximately 100 veterans a year in an inpatient vision rehabilitation program, issued 27 Jordy units to clients from October 1, 2003 to October 1, 2004. In this article, I summarize my observations of the design and serviceability of the Jordy as a distance, intermediate-range, and near-vision device. I also include suggestions for improving the use of the Jordy.

but it isn't free -> $5.95

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