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Jordy trial review

At last I have tried a Jordy. Its head mounted unit containd the camera and the screen. It does one thing very well, it presents low contrast printing as high contrast on its screen. At the same time, it had (for me) the disadvantage of a restricted screen width without word wrap and (compared to using a hand-held magnifier) "being blind" while using it. I had to move my head as well as my eyes to read the end of a line and then go to the start of the next. While reading with a magnifier I can see around the glass and know where to put it for the next line down. With the Jordy that function was more difficult. Also, I can't just put it down to get up; I have to take it off. Others may not have the same feeling; for them, other factors may be more important. These things are personal and practice will make a difference.

The Jordy came attached by a wire to the Control Unit, into which I plugged the wire to the AC Adapter. The Rechargable Battery sits on the back of the Control Unit, is heavy, is not connected to the power, is of no help there while reading plugged in, and does not recharge there, so I removed it.
The Manual refers to using the Jordy with a computer, but gave no connecting instructions or cable. Perhaps the stand is required.

I don't like the design of the Control Unit. With the battery attached it is top heavy and the positioning of the cotrols was not user helpful. Hold in mind that while wearing the Jordy you can't see controls, the button layout is on two different planes, and the small base offers no stability. The user wants it ready to his hand and a finger friendly layout of the controls. However, I found no fault with the operation; it worked.

Conclusion: not for me. It calls for a stable support for the book, e.g., a lapdesk, but sit quite still. A very good desk chair or a larger screen for my CCTV would be better investments for reading by the hour. If you try it, be sure about the return policy.

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Re:Jordy trial review

I have since learned one important thing > I should have returned it COD. ===gm===

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